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Refereed publications by LEAP staff in Econ-Lit and ISI-JCR
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1998-2006: Refereed publications by LEAP staff in Econ-Lit and ISI-JCR 3

Programmes - Cooperation

Global economy, local pressures & poor financial Government performance are forcing Greek Public Organizations to develop new strategies for achieving “more with less”. Therefore, a year after year improvement in productivity and reduction of costs becomes imperative. As a result of that, many Institutions and Public Organizations have to see now with a strategic eye, something that historically was a tactical function: Public Procurement.

The amount of money that the Public Education Institutions and especially the “Third Level Education Institutions” (AEI) spend annually goes to a wide variety of goods and services. It covers purchasing from low value, low risk items routinely bought such as stationery, up to the high value, high risk purchases such selecting a partner to provide the Campus I.T. and Telecom infrastructure. It is also not just about what AEI buy, but also about how they buy it.

Phenomena such as waste of money in unnecessary purchases, buying in excess above needs, duplication of supplies, long-lasting tenders, administration frustration and frictions with suppliers are common in the market of education.

We will investigate a structured way for the whole cycle of supply chain, aiming to reduce costs and increase productivity and transparency.

The project MIDAS includes a new approach, looking at nature of Purchases and categorizing them to four areas, according to Kraljic model (Strategic, Leverage, Commodity and Bottleneck). As every area impacts differently the annual procurement plan (E.P.P.) -budget wise and procedure wise-, we will proceed with four research packages addressing the issue of the evaluation of the performance of the Strategic Suppliers, the Optimization of the various aspects of eAuctions and the development of a methodology to measure the administrative cost of purchases. Following the research packages, two pilot projects will follow (eAuctions and eOrdering), as a Proof of Concept of the Research packages.

The project is financed form the General Secretariat of Research and Technology and the EU

Programme for the improvement of the research potential, General Secretariat for Research and Technology co-financed by Atlantis Consulting SA, 2005-2008

Associate Professor N. Varsakelis is the Programme's Scientific Coordinator. The Programme aims to study the European activity in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation and particularly in relation to foreign direct investment and novel financial institutions, such as Venture Capital finance.

Among others, the Programme will deliver a number of publications on both subjects and a Ph.D. Dissertation at the end of the road. George Geronikolaou is the Ph.D. candidate working on Venture Capital finance under the supervision of Dr. G. Papachristou. 

Programme for the support of entrepreneurship (Hellenic Aid) in FYROM financed by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2006-2008

Professor M. Sidiropoulos is the Programme's Scientific Coordinator. The Programme aims to promote and develop entrepreneurship in the region of Bitola, FYROM by improving local knowledge, assessing and analyzing local entrepreneurship, and helping to create and incubate new business ventures.

Hellenic Aid, the Hellenic International Development Cooperation Department, established in 1999 as a Directorate General of the Foreign Ministry, is mainly responsible for the supervision, coordination, monitoring and promotion of emergency humanitarian and food aid actions, as well as aid for the reorganization and restoration of the infrastructures of developing countries conducted by ministries, universities, NGOs or other entities.





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