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Refereed publications by LEAP staff in Econ-Lit and ISI-JCR
1998-2006: Refereed publications by LEAP staff in Econ-Lit and ISI-JCR 2
1998-2006: Refereed publications by LEAP staff in Econ-Lit and ISI-JCR 3

Recent Refereed Publications

Nikolaos Varsakelis

“Factors Affecting Patentees to Start-up New Venture: Evidence from Greece.” International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research (forthcoming),  (with I. Goniadis).

“Institutional Changes and Trend Behaviour of US and Japanese FDI Flows to EU” Transnational Corporations Journal, Vol 19, Nr. 1, 55-69, 2010 (with E. Smaragdi, K. Katrakylidis).
“US Patents Abroad: Does Gravity Matter?” Journal of Technology Transfer, DOI 10.1007/s10961-010-9156-9, 2010 (with F. Archontakis)

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“Public Procurement and Foreign Direct Investment: Cross Section Analysis for France, Germany, Italy, and United Kingdom” Atlantic Economic Journal, Volume 36, Number 2 / June, 2008, 183-193 (with D. Mardas and G. Papachristou

Christos Emmanouilidis
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Kontogianni A. and Emmanouilides C.J. (2013) "The cost of a gelatinous future and loss of critical habitats in the Mediterranean"
forthcoming ICES Journal of Marine Sciences

Dimitri Mardas

Assessing an Internship Program by Listening to Students and Employers, Assessment Update, May-June, 2012, Vol. 24, pp. 6-8. (with Papadimitriou).

“Intra-industry Trade in Agricultural Products on Intra-Ec Level: The Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Funds”, Agricultural Economics Review, 2012, Vol 12, pp.16-29, (με Κατρακιλίδη)

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“Oil Price and Stock Market Linkages in a Small and Oil Dependant Economy. The Case of Greece”, Journal of Applied Business Research, 2010, Vol. 26, pp.55-64. (με Κατρακιλίδη και Λάκε)

Constantinos Papadopoulos

"A Strategic Market Game of Carry Trades and Equilibrium Profits",  (with L. Koutsougeras), The Manchester School, vol 79, 3, pp. 528-541 (2011)
"A Note on the Role of Exit Horizon in the Selection of Projects in Venture Capital Finance" (with G. Geronikolaou), International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Issue 24, pp. 131-137 (2009)
 "Purchasing Power Parity with Strategic Markets", The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics: Vol. 8 : Iss. 1 (Topics), Article 16. (2008) 

George Papachristou

“Venture Capital and Innovation in Europe” Modern Economy, Vol.3, no 4, July 2012, pp. 454-459 (
with George Geronikolaou)

"Is there an adverse effect of uncertainty on venture capital? The European evidence" Applied Economics Letters, Vol.18, no4, 383-388, 2011  (with George Geronikolaou)

"Pension Funds under Investments Constraints" (chapter 3) In: Marco Micocci,Greg N.Gregoriou and Giovanni Masala (Editors). Pension Fund Risk Management: Financial & Actuarial Modeling. Chapman and Hall London 2010 (w/ N. Milonas and Th. Roupas)

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Moise Sidiropoulos

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MENA Labor Exporting Countries, (with Sufian Eltayeb Mohamed), International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Issue 46 (2010) p. 181-194.

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Ioannis Kyritsis

"A study of the long-run behavior of the visitors of the Mt. Olympus: A Markov Chains Analysis Approach" (w/ A. Papastavros). Journal of Economics, Agriculture and Envoronment: MEDIT. Vol 12/3 (2001)
"A local people’s perceptions of sustainable tourism development in protected mountain areas. The case of Mount Olympus, Greece" (w/ S.Kostopoulou) The Sustainable World Vol 6 / Sustainable Planning and Development Ι. (2003)
"A tourism carrying capacity indicator for protected areas" (w/ S.Kostopoulou). International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research: Anatolia Vol 17/1. (2006)
"A generalized model for birth and death mathematical procedures in the visitor management: evidence from a protected area" (w/ N. Tambakis). Agricultural Economics Revue Vol 17/1 (2006)
"Population Changes in Mountainous Less Favored Areas: a Case - Study for the Pieria Region (Greece)" (w/ N. Tambakis). forthcoming The Journal of World Economics Review (2007)





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