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Refereed publications by LEAP staff in Econ-Lit and ISI-JCR
1998-2006: Refereed publications by LEAP staff in Econ-Lit and ISI-JCR 2
1998-2006: Refereed publications by LEAP staff in Econ-Lit and ISI-JCR 3

Working Papers

  1. Kostas Karantininis and Nikos C. Varsakelis "European Regional Knowledge Spillovers and Technological Convergence: A Maximum Entropy Markov Model"
  2. Dimitris Mardas and Nikos C. Varsakelis "Market Structure and Public Procurement Policy: Empirical Evidence for Selected European Countries" MarketStructure and Public Procurement-Final Manuscript.doc (2011)
  3. Vasiliki Michou and Nikos C. Varsakelis (2013)"Environment, Optimism and Productivity of Regional Innovation Systems"( environemtn and innovation-May-2013.pdf)
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  6. George Papachristou and George Geronikolaou  “Optimal lottery pricing in a multi-lottery setting: The case of Greece”, 2013 
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  31. Kontogianni A. and Emmanouilides C.J. (2013) "The cost of a gelatinous future and loss of critical habitats in the Mediterranean"
  32. Entrepreneurship within the Public Sector Context: Implementation through the use of Motives
  33. Europe Agreements and Stabilization and Association Agreements
  34. Monitoring Public Procurement Using a Fuzzy Logic System (with A. Tsadiras)
  35. Regional Economic Diversification as a Determinant of Regional Exports (with M. Kechagia and T. Alexandridis)Regional Exports-Final October 2013.pdf





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